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7 Tips for a General Website Redesign

website-redesignIn today’s economic state, it has become increasingly difficult to find a cost effective way to promote small to mid-sized businesses. We know that, and our Marketing Team here at Innovative Marketing Solutions wants to help.  One of the most efficient ways to overcome this obstacle is to employ an online marketing strategy.  It all begins with your company website redesign.  Many businesses may have questions regarding their website redesign.  They might have sites that are outdated or slow.  They may be unsure about which direction to go in, how to start, or what things to look out for.  That’s where we come in.

Design process is something that all designers follow even though it varies from one designer to the other. The process also depends on the type of a design project you are working with. The other side of the design process is from the business perspective, which should result in a functional creative brief. This is the crucial part in order to redesign your website successfully.

Research & Set Expectations

Although the design agency you hire will also do their own research, it is just as important for your company to do so as well. Your research should be preliminary and the results should decide what direction you’re heading towards. With this research, you should be able to explain to a designer exactly what you want your website to be.

It’s a good idea to create a few lists that will guide the designer. Consider something like:

  • Websites that you would like to get some design cues from
  • Colors, fonts, logos, and other branding materials
  • Stock imagery you want to use
  • Primary goal of the website (i.e., user registration)

This is what will help you develop a creative brief that works and aids the designers to design a product that will reach your goals. After your own research, you should set several goals that you want to accomplish with your website redesign, such as:

  • Increase your conversion rate by 25%
  • Increase user engagement
  • Improve SEO or structure of your website

Another part of this process is to decide how you will measure your goals. Are you going to use Google Analytics or other analytics software to measure user engagement? Will your conversion rates count leads or sales? If your goals include SEO, then you should set some measurable goals and not something too general that can never be tracked.

Here are our seven very important design tips to consider when doing a website redesign. For your benefit, check out our website redesign checklist:

Innovative Marketing Solutions Website Redesign Mainstays

    Nothing could be worse for your company than failing to provide up to date and accurate contact information.  Phone numbers, addresses, directions, and e-mail information must all be current, and a link to it should be visible on each page of your website.  If a customer is on your website he or she is interested in your product; By providing many avenues for communication, you increase the chances of making a sale, right then and there.
    You want your customers to feel right at home when they log into your site.  Navigation bars should be large and clearly labeled.  The location of each menu item should be the same across the entire website.  Always include a home button on each page.  It’s a great thing to design a website that distinguishes you from your competitors, but it can be taken too far.  Keep the design simple, with functionality in mind.
    Your website redesign should have a consistent color scheme that isn’t tough on the eyes.  Beware of poorly contrasting colors, and schemes that are too dark or too light.  You want your site to be vibrant, but not distracting.  As for a font, choose something readable.  If you decide on using something that strays from the norm, it may not display properly on your customers devices and the design will suffer because of it.
    Engage your visitors!  They are on your site for a reason, so keep things fresh in order to continually draw in traffic.  Update your site often with relevant information.  This is where blogging is key; a keyword marketed content rich written article posted daily or every other day will drive your website to the top of the search engines.  You can blog about your company specials, products, industry trends, etc.  By supplying quality original content, you can jump up in Google rankings and search pages.
    Using specific keywords that pertain to your industry and location is a great way to jump up in rankings within each of the popular search engines.  You want to make sure that the keywords that you use flow naturally within the text otherwise Google will penalize you for it.  Target words with low cost and high visibility to increase the return on your investment.
    You want your site to be visual in order to engage all your visitors but be wary.  If too much website information is contained within graphics, Search Engine bots such as Google and Bing cannot read the text in the images.  If you have your contact info placed within an image, as opposed to inline text, your customers may have a hard time finding you on the web.  It is a great idea to compliment your website with graphic design and images.  Highlight those images by submitting them to photo sites like Pinterest and Instagram so they show up in their indexes which in turn will show up on Google, AOL, Yahoo image search results.
    Be sure to avoid scrolling text, animated GIFs, and audio or video that loads automatically.  These elements can be useful in certain circumstances, but for the most part, they are distracting for your visitors and often times drive people away.

We hope you keep these things in mind when considering your website redesign.  For a more in depth look at the topics we covered, contact us today at (732) 896-1186 for a free phone consultation.  Our development team will get some information from your then do a complete market analysis report then follow up with you with details on where your site is lacking to dominate the web!!!